Taking a Journey…

… into the human condition. Into our own individual conditions. Observing without bias, judgement, or prior conclusion. Just to be able to watch ourselves in the moment. Not a little while after, not even a second after, not predicting beforehand, but NOW. Observing now. Inwardly and outwardly. What is actually happening? Is it possible to truly discern this? Without conditioning, direction, without any kind of motive, idea, or interference from thought? Just pure observation in the moment, in silence. In beauty. Free from any kind of desire, need, or wish. A window into oneself, a window without stain, smear, smudge or dirt. Just clear looking. Perceiving of what is, now.


This is intelligence. And it is freedom from suffering. One could say that it is enlightenment. It is love.

“Where there is love, the self is not.” Jiddu Krishnamurti.